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West Central School District No. 49-7 
Humboldt-Hartford, South Dakota

A member of a school board is entrusted with one of the most important responsibilities that can be assigned to any citizen -- that of helping to plan the education of the youth of this nation.

According to South Dakota Codified Law 13-8-1 School Board Defined as follows:

    "The School Board is an elected body created according to the laws of the state to serve as the governing board of a school district for the purpose of organizing, maintaining, and locating schools and for providing educational opportunities and services for all citizens residing within the school district."

The West Central School Board is comprised of five members with terms of three years. The five members are elected at large within the school district which means that they may reside anywhere inside the district.

The following documents are legal notices in regards to the election of the West Central school board members. Notices of vacancy will outline whose term limit is up, when the election will be held, when nominating petitions may begin circulation and when they are due, notice of voter registration, notice of election, and the results of the elections.

There will be no school board election as only two petitions were received for the two open positions. Craig Habben and Paula Hawks will begin a three year term on July 1, 2017.

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